Insurgency “Day of Infamy” WWII Mod Officially Launched

More than 60,000 Subscribers, Numerous Community Members Creating New Maps, Weapons and More

With the release of the Insurgency update today, we are pleased to announce that our community mod project, Day of Infamy, is compatible with the default version of the game and will no longer require players to opt into the beta branch.

Day of Infamy (“DoI”) is an open-ended World War II total conversion for Insurgency, founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by Insurgency’s modding community. You can find out more details on the NWI Wiki.

DoI was revealed via our Twitch livestream only ten days ago. Since release, the mod has over 60,000 subscribers and numerous community members have already begun creating new maps, weapons, and other content for the mod. The mod’s first community-made map – Landfall, created by Chief-C – is being added to the mod with today’s update.

We have been overwhelmed by the surge of popularity from the launch, and are very excited about the future for Day of Infamy. With the mod being available to a larger audience, we have created the infrastructure that allows modders contributing to the project.


  • To play the mod, simply subscribe to the mod and its maps on Workshop.
    (With the latest update to Insurgency, the beta branch is no longer required)
  • In the Cooperative or Multiplayer menus, select the Day of Infamy playlist to see a list of dedicated servers running the mod. Click a server to expand the view and click the button to join!


  • Check out the Roadmap and Official Forums to see progress on the mod. Determine what has already been created, is in progress, and what needs to be made.
  • Once you have a map, weapon, character, or something else ready for submission, you can submit it into the official DOI GitHub here.

About New World Interactive

New World Interactive is an independent game developer and publisher with firm roots in the gaming mod community. Insurgency is the debut title from New World Interactive with more than 2 million players taking up arms. In the wake of Insurgency’s success, New World Interactive aims to continue their compelling creation with new experiences to come!
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