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GGGames is a video game review website based in Sweden. We are passionate about games and the culture around them and our content is from an enthusiast’s point of view.

GGGames is predominately focused on the EU/PAL region, so all press releases will relate to the European market.

We have been reviewing both old and new video games since 2008.


Q: Why don’t you do Youtube reviews instead?
A: Youtube reviews are great! However, we like how plain text is searchable and easy to reference. We would like to use Youtube for gameplay videos though.

Q: Where’s the review scores?
A: GGGames has never had a score system.  Instead we hope our reviews will give you a deep enough insight into each game to make your own judgement.

Q: Your reviews are too long!
A: If you want the “too-long-didn’t-read” version, just look at the summary at the end of each review.

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Fred@GGGames.se – Contributor

We gladly take press releases, review codes, review copies, event invitations etc.

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