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50 Essential Commodore 64 Games [Part 1]

Too late to the Commodore 64-craze? No fear – It’s one craze that you never can be too late to…!

If you grew up in Western Europe in the mid to late 80’s, chances are very, very big that you played at least some video games on a Commodore 64 – Either you had one yourself, or you knew at least a couple of dudes who had one.…

50 Essential Commodore 64 Games [Part 2]

26. Last Ninja 2 (System 3, 1988)last_ninja2

And then we got the sequel… Which was an even bigger hit. System 3 dared to set the game in modern time New York instead of ancient Japan, and it worked. Last Ninja 2 plays just like the original, and the journey through the six levels is just as surprising.…

Gems On The Commodore 64 – A To Z

“We are looking at an 8-bit machine, at 0.7 Mhz and 64K of RAM. And we made that thing sing. And dance… Doing stuff that even Commodore, the manufacturers, just… Couldn’t believe.”
/Simon Nicol (From Bedroom To Billions – Video Game Documentary, 2014)

Somewhere around 30.000.…