Shooting Love 20XX, is Coming to Steam!

TRIZEAL Remix Arrives on July 7th! MINUS ZERO is Now Available With Contest! 

Transform or die. Triangle Service’s TRIZEAL Remix has classic shoot-’em-up style with a refined depth just below the surface. Transform your ship to switch between three distinct weapons: a wide shot, a narrow laser, and guided missiles. Upgrade your weapons enough and they’ll fire even when you have a different weapon selected! Strategically switch your weapons to devastate the varied enemy waves that TRIZEAL Remix throws at you. Shoot with intelligence!


  • Transform your ship to change weapons strategically
  • Unlock a hidden ship with a very different play style
  • Two-player local cooperative play
  • Replay support
  • Memorable soundtrack spanning multiple genres of music
  • Includes Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, and Cloud saves

Following TRIZEAL Remix, one final wave will be released, EXZEAL. With these four waves defeated, the Shooting Love 20XX collection will be yours.

Celebrating the release of Shmups Skill Test and MINUS ZERO, Degica Games is holding a MINUS ZERO competition.

Details: To participate, first, you must turn on replays so we can validate your score. To turn on replays, from the start screen, select “Option”, then “Option”, then toggle “Replay Save” to “On”. Once you do that, all you have to do is play to win! The highest three scores on the leaderboard at the deadline below will each win a prerelease copy of Triangle Service’s EXZEAL!

The contest starts at MINUS ZERO’s launch, 6/16 US (6/17 Japan), and ends at 6pm PT on 6/20 in the US (10am on 6/21 in Japan).

TRIZEAL Remix Details:
Platform: PC (Windows)
Players: 1-2, local play supported
Release Date: July 7th

About Triangle Service:
Founded by Konami alum, Toshiaki Fujino, in 2002, Triangle Service is a small developer with an appreciation for Japanese-style games and is responsible for three of Degica Games previous releases, DELTAZEAL, XIIZEAL, and Shmups Skill Test. Triangle Service’s development has focused primarily on shoot-’em-up games for arcade and home gaming platforms, and they seek to create top shoot-’em-ups.

About Degica Games: Degica Games is a Tokyo-based publisher specializing in localizing Japanese games for the global market. We’re best known for the RPG Maker franchise and shooting games such as DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours,Deathsmiles, Mushihimesama, ESCHATOS Wonder Pack, and Crimzon Clover. Our goal is to bring you the best games from Japan and all around the world!

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