Capcom Cup and Street Fighter 5

CapcomCup 2015

Another Capcom Cup, and what an exciting show it was. While the event was off to a slow start with the player introductions dragging on for a bit longer than needed, the rest of the tournament progressed with a great pace. Having the matches streamed on two different streams definitely helped with this, although for the not-so-initiated having to watch two different matches side by side is not ideal.

Overall however? Great production, quality commentary throughout and an interesting “analyst desk” segment made for a good show and of course, let’s not forget about the players providing the great matches.

This 32-player tournament was the perfect ending to Street Fighter 4 (although I expect the game to keep being played for years to come to some degree), and there were plenty unexpected results and intense moments (as you would expect from the greatest players).

Watching the action unfold certainly hyped me up even more for the next entry in the Street Fighter franchise coming early (Feb 16th, 2016) next year. For those wondering, Capcom Cup will return next year and will most likely feature Street Fighter 5!

Having played the series my entire life I really want to see a huge influx of players so they too can experience what makes the game(s) so great, and with Street Fighter 5 moving towards the E-sports direction as well as being designed with newcomers in mind this might be the case. What’s even more exciting is that the game will feature cross-play, allowing PC and PlayStation 4 users to battle it out. This has been a common problem with online games for a long time and it’s finally being addressed. It, being the separation of players. Well, I think it’s exciting at least. This reads like promotional horseshit though. Oh well…

I’m looking forward to getting into Street Fighter and start wrecking fools again (and being wrecked of course, followed by some highly sophisticated exclamations like “Fuck this shit!”).

Let’s hope for a smooth launch although this is not going to happen, as this is the current state of gaming after all, at least they are doing beta testing to minimize fuck ups. Right?

Next beta phase is 18-20th December (Should be available for both PS4 and PC), see you all online!

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