Artificial Intelligence in The Guild 3

Nordic Games is reviving an old legend with the strategy game The Guild 3. In this unique blend of economic simulation, strategy, historical life simulation and RPG in 3D, the player builds his own dynasty and decides which path to follow.

The game development is the work of Canadian team GolemLabs based in Sherbrooke, Canada, who have already gained extensive experience in developing strategy games and AI in computer games, including in the highly acclaimed SuperPower 2.

Evolutive Human Emulator

In The Guild 3, the player will experience an AI that sets a new benchmark for the genre: the extraordinarily adaptive AI system, the EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator), will set new standards for economic simulations. Based on a system of six character attributes and the AI’s ability to adapt to any need and motivation system, it enables characteristic behaviour patterns to emerge and develop – resulting in an incredibly immersive game ambience.

Each Decision Influences the Game

“The artificial intelligence is a major element in the game, and our technology and design have focused on this feature since we started working on this project. Not only because this is one of our specialities here at GolemLabs, but also because this feature is equally important for Nordic Games”, says Jean-René, founder and leading programmer at GolemLabs. “Each little action in the game has a set of values that influence the various aspects of the AI to provide a more realistic game feeling. Every decision the player makes will affect the environment, the activity and behaviour of the NPCs, so EHE sets the player ever-increasing challenges.”

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About The Guild 3

The Guild 3 takes place in Central Europe in the year 1400 where players can found a family dynasty that endures through the centuries. As the game world is in constant flux, the player must prove his skills in handicraft and trade, adeptness in social occasions and ultimately politics, and be a master at devising plots and intrigues.

Key Features

  • AI System: The new, adaptive AI system is based on a system of six character attributes.
  • Societies: Particularly influential organisations, some publicly known and others that are cloaked in secrecy.
  • Massive Replayability: The AI and the random-based global events ensure that every scenario and game feel and play differently
  • Character/Dynasty Evolution: A complex skill tree, professions, actions and bonuses are waiting to be unlocked.
  • Multiplayer With up to 16 Players: Integrated multiplayer mode and connection with other The Guild 3 players regardless of where the game was purchased.
  • Map Editor: Players can create maps to share with the gaming community and select their favourites from a constantly expanding library of scenarios.


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